Reasons why you should love my HOME...

- home of the famous "Masskara Festival" and "Bacolaodiat
Festival- Chinese New Year Celebration"
- taste the Bacolod's chicken Inasal, Calea's cake, and other Bacolod's sweet delicacies.
- one of the "Cleanest and Greenest and the Most Livable Cities in the Philippines."
- the capital of the Province of Negros Occidental.
- the "Sugarbowl of the Philippines."
- the entrance of the sugar-rich cities and towns of the Province.
- home of the sweetest people on earth.."pangga ko.."
- next wave city for the next BPO hub outside MM and Cebu,
ranked third last year..

and a lot more.. experience the Bacolod's way of hospitality!

"dali kari na sa Bacolod kag Negros.."!!!!




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Monday, May 31, 2010


SM City Bacolod is one of the supermalls in Bacolod City which is located along Rizal Street, Reclamation Area.It has a total of land area of 161,096.60 square meters and a total floor area of 61,413 square meters.It opened last March 1, 2007.

POPE JOHN PAUL TOWER, a must to see new attraction located just a few steps away from Bacolod's business center.  Formally blessed by the Papal Nuncio to the Philippines Archbishop Edward Joseph Adams last February 18, 2010 and witnessed by thousands of catholic christians.



You know you're a true blue bacolodnon if ...

Your one peso is pisos. 

You take a bath using a tabo (or cabo) which is a used 1 quart
Caltex oil container.

Your bathroom has at least one lugod (some has one for every family

Your Nanay used to make you drink Mirinda or Royal Tru Orange when
you have a fever, which is supposed to make you feel better ... and 7-up
if you have a stomach upset.  And it seemed to worked!

Sinamak is a staple in your dining table -- the best bacolod’s invention
if you ask me;  the acidity of this stuff is so potent that it was even
banned on airplanes long before 9/11.

Your toyo is patis and your patis is toyo

You use atsuete for your adobo and pinamalhan (pinaksiw)

Your daily meal will likely include laswa, kbl (kadyos, baboy,langka),
ginat-an nga tambo with tugabang and okra, ginat-an nga munggo,
linutik,apan-apan, etc.

November 1 means eating ibus, suman, suman latik, kalamay-hati, bayi-
bayi, valenciana or other native delicacies with glutinous rice and
coconut milk

You call those you love palangga, pangga, or ga

You call your siblings or cousins inday, nonoy or toto...the
househelp may call you the same

You call those who are older than you manang or manong

You catch the attention of sales attendants by calling them "day"
or "to"

Your childhood games include tumba patis, taksi, panagu-ay, balay-
balay, ins, tin-tin baka, etc.

You used to be scared to go out at night lest you meet the aswang, tik-tik,
tayhu, kapre, kama-kama, morto, etc.

You call a person, thing, place and event kwan when you forget it
(si kwan, ang kwan, sa kwan, nag kwan)

You understand that "Particulars Keep Out" sign means Outsiders Keep
Out.  (believe me, this sign may look and sound English but it's only us
Ilonggos who use it)

You use words such as "ahay" (expression of pity, grief, empathy),

"yuga" (expression of disbelief, surprise),

"ambot ah" (to say you don't know, or an expression of impatience)

You often start your sentence with ti

You say goodbye by saying "halong"

Your favorite cusswords are linte (if you're slightly pissed off)
and hijo de puta (if you're pissed off big time)...


Ti, sigue halong lang kamo ha!   

Note: This is not my own unknown.

more than just a smile

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Masskara Festival 2010

im quite excited for the coming Masskara Festival this October because this gonna be big!!!!
Join we celebrate life!!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bacoloy- Silay Airport

Today, i'l discuss about infrastructure...this time it is all about the newly opened airport in Silay City a year ago.


The New Bacolod-Silay Airport replaces the old Bacolod airport and is the main airport serving the general area of Bacolod City.

The airport is located fifteen kilometers northeast of Bacolod on a 181-hectare site in Brgy. Bagtic, Silay City, Negros Occidental. The airport which is designed with an international standard is built to become the primary gateaway to Negros Island and is envisioned to be one of the 3 international airports to service Western Visayas along with the Kalibo International Airport and the New Iloilo Airport.

It has one primary runway, 45 meters wide, and 2, 000 meters long. The runway runs in a direction of 03°/21°, and can currently handle aircraft as large as the Airbus A330. It is also equipped with an Instrument Landing System, making it capable of handling night and low-visibility landings.

The state-of-the-art facility is built to handle over a million passengers and 16, 715 tons of cargo annually.

Currently, 4 airlines are serving the airport to include Philippine Airlines, Air Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air and Zest Air covering Manila and Cebu flights.

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more than just a smile...:D

the gateway of sugarlandia and home of the world- famous "Masskara Festival"...
this is all about BACOLOD..
my city
and my home......

Bacolod City, one of the Highly Urbanized Cities in the Philippines, is situated in the Western part of the Visayan Islands. Tagged as one of the members of "Billionaire's Club of Philippine Cities". Bacolod City also bagged several achievements under the leadership of re- elect Mayor Bing Leonardia.

Bacolod's Achievements/ citations:

  • 2009 Outstanding Sanggunian of the Philippines - City Category.
  • 2009 Child Friendly City (Highly Urbanized Category) for Region 6.
  • Best "Business Environment and Risk Management" by the Department of Trade and Industry through the Commission on Information and Communications Technology.
  • Ranked number 5 in the Top 10 Next Wave Cities for the best BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) locations in the country.
  • 2009 Region’s Best Performing City in Economic Development.
  • 2009 Best Tourism Oriented local government unit in the highly urbanized city category.
  • One of the Top Six City Libraries in the Country for 2009.
  • 2009 Top Regional Performer for its Public Employment Services.
  • 2008 Child Friendly City (Highly Urbanized Category) for Region 6.
  • 2006-2007 Best Public Sector Project Awards, LGU Category.
  • 2007 Child Friendly City (Highly Urbanized Category) for Region 6.
  • 2007 Most Business-Friendly Local Govt. Unit in the Philippines
  • 2007 Outstanding City in Region 6 - 'Green Banner Award'
  • 2007 Outstanding Bacolod Business-support Organization.

This blog will discuss about new developments, Bacolod politics, bars, restos, clubs, resorts, people, hotels, foods and everything within the city and its component cities "Metro Bacolod--Silay, Talisay, Murcia, & Bago". For my City and as we quote, "there's no place like HOME"


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