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- home of the famous "Masskara Festival" and "Bacolaodiat
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- taste the Bacolod's chicken Inasal, Calea's cake, and other Bacolod's sweet delicacies.
- one of the "Cleanest and Greenest and the Most Livable Cities in the Philippines."
- the capital of the Province of Negros Occidental.
- the "Sugarbowl of the Philippines."
- the entrance of the sugar-rich cities and towns of the Province.
- home of the sweetest people on earth.."pangga ko.."
- next wave city for the next BPO hub outside MM and Cebu,
ranked third last year..

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Bacolod My Home Photoblog

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Picture Greetings!

Photo was taken a year ago at Palmas Del Mar. Ganda ng sunset di ba?

1 month to go birthday ko na pala (broadcast talaga?)..BACOLOD MY HOME
kung ok lang sa inyo hihingi ako ng picture greetings...kung pwede lang naman..
then sent it to


Sunday, March 20, 2011

May napansin kayo? ako meron. kayo?

Photo credit: AIRLINERS.NET

A few updates

Welcome Back!!! sorry naman..lately kasi naging lurker ako sa sarili kong photoblog..and dunno know why..maybe been away mga 4 months lang naman from my own home. Fine! emo ako ngayon!
Pero i dont want to spoil your excitement sa pagbabalik tats kasi ang nagbabagang puso ko sa nagview ng photoblog ko..kaya I decided to post something about my HOME- BACOLOD!
Well, kahit malayo ako sa bahay ko, updated naman know naman marami akong secret agents.hahahaa..and thanks sa power ng sympre sa power ng wifi dito sa workplace ko. 

Balik tayo sa point ko, ito na ang mga updates..actually alam ko na to ngayon ko lang naisipang e post. Selfish? oo na kayo na!..hehehhe...sige na nga..ito na..inom muna ng tubig baka di ka makapaniwala.
There you go guys...

First..the construction of the tallest building in Western Visayas as of today is in full swing na..this is the 
SAN PARQ TOWER..yup tower to..mga 14- storey lang naman which I think a good start para sa boooming Bacolod. San Parq tower is beside Convergy's complex along dalan Lacson..So once its nga..siya na nga ang tallest building ng Western Visayas!..


sa oras na to..nasa 5th floor na sila

Anayway, here's the aerial view ng project. At the back of SANPARQ Tower & Convergy' site is another project naman yan..that is what they called..CENTRAL DISTRICT IT PARK-- a very promising project for Bacolod and Negros as a whole..bali nasa filling stage na sila ngayon..They are just preparing the area for future Highrise and midrise project. I have seen the masterplan kaso nakalimutan ko e upload. Tamad?heehe
Siya nga pala, nakita mo ba ng robinson's mall expansion sa likod ng main mall-- oo, di ka nagkakamali! yan ang Central Citywalk.

Next is the expansion of Robinson's Bacolod Mall.

Remember, last year nagpost ako ng article about sa expansion na to..kung nabasa mo yun..atleast nakarelate di nakabasa..hanapin nyo sa archive ko..hmp, skip read kasi kayo lage..hahhaa..jowk!
This is another good project ng Robinson- a lifestyle CENTRAL CITYWALK. Sounds Totyal!!!! Araguy!


Robinsons Place Bacolod is undergoing an expansion that, once completed, will add a new one-level shopping and dining destination and provide 6,000 square meters more to the shopping mall’s existing gross floor area of 48,500 square meters.

The new area, called The Central Citywalk, will have a park-like setup with lighted pathways surrounded by landscaped gardens with five clusters of commercial spaces consisting of lifestyle stores and mid-to high-end al fresco restaurants. Al fresco dining is a very new concept in Bacolod and this is the first time it is being introduced in such a grand scale.

There will be 35 tenants, 18 food outlets. The Central will also be home to homegrown stores like ANP, Fresh Start Organics Inc., House of Imbiss, The Green Tree Cafe, The Gym Kids, Salon U-Ropa Facial Care Centre, Virtu Salon, and Mendez Dental Clinic.

The first cluster will be an expansion of the Robinsons Department Store while the second and fourth clusters will feature specialty stores services shops, amusement outlets and specialty food restaurants. The third cluster will house more restaurants and specialty services while the fifth cluster will have various lifestyle options.

The Central Citywalk will also have scene-setting areas like the Blue Water Plaza with a clever fountain that jets water out at timed intervals; Lighted Chimneys, a dome-like structure that makes the mall a modern landmark; and a landscaped area with plant boxes and tropical plants.

The masterplan

Updates sa mall expansion

parang little GREENBELT lang..i bet before Masskara this coming October tapos na to. Excite na me!

Ito yung aerial shots niya. Tignan ng mabuti at lasapin! jowk

Yan lang muna ang updates ko. Tinatamad na ako. Blog hopping pa kasi ako. hehhehe..

Ito na lang to make the story short, tinodo ko na ang lahat ng nalalaman ng mga secret agents ko.
* Shakey's standalone along dalan Lacson
* Flyover along circumferential-Lacson road
* 5-storey hotel just infront of shakey's building along lacson

Future expansion:
* There will be another two standalone MCDO store in Bacolod.One along lacson and another near Sm Bacolod/ Cathedral.
* Jollibee, standalone ulit, sa Mandalagan banda harap ng Lopues mandalagan

yan lang muna..busy na ako ngayon..salamat:D

Salamat sa mga pics..these pics were taken pala from my friend Anton aka " SUV" of Skyscrapercity Bacolod.. See you guys!

*Tagalog mode pala ako ngayon..sorry naman. 

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